View the range of Recycled interlocking tiles from Mototile

Interlocking Floor Tiles in
Recycled PVC: from £4.45

View the range of new interlocking tiles from Mototile

Interlocking Floor Tiles in
New PVC: from £5.49

View the range of Tile Ramps / Edging interlocking tiles from Mototile

Matching Tile Ramps / Edging in
Recycled & New PVC: from £2.90

View the range of MotoMat interlocking tiles from industrial floor tiles

MotoMat Floor Tiles in
Recycled & New PVC: from £3.75

The place to review and research the best interlocking tiles from Mototile. check out some time lapse videos from our customer Windrush Car Storage and a short testimonial from one of our customers.

To save you time and money watch how easy it is to install your interlocking floor tiles. Perfect for Factories, Workshops, Warehouses, Fitness Centres, Garages, Commercial and Temporary Spaces.

Tile Patterns: Diamond Plate : Cointop : Up to 14mm Thick Tiles click the arrows to view each style

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The Best Video Guide To Your Interlocking Flooring | Industrial Floor Tiles

Mototile customer review on YouTube

I'm really pleased with the finished Mototile product. I was also very impressed with the product information you gave me. Particularly, when you advised me to use the 7mm tiles for my Bikes to Stand on. Regards Geoff.

Mototile customer of time lapse video

Time lapse video from Windrush Car Storage showing a vehicle detailing bay upgrade from a painted surface to Motolock interlocking floor tiles.

Mototile design layout tool

The floor designer tool lets you create any type of floor pattern for your garage, warehouse, games room, gym or even for an exhibition space. Click the video button that shows you how to use this layout planner tool.

Mototile calculator tool get a quote on your next flooring project

The Floor Tile Cost Comparisons / Garage Floor Calculator shows the approximate number of uncut tiles required for the dimensions input and guideline prices for a floor based on the different tile types. Click the video button to show you how to use Mototile Calculator*.

*prices correct of time of video being made.

Tools and Information For Your Flooring Project

DIY Floor Designer

Check out MotoLock Floor Designer Tool

A layout planner tool for MotoLock Heavy Duty Tiles. Each square on the grid represents one MotoLock tile.

Floor Pattern ▶

Cost Calculator

Calculator The Total Cost Of Your next Flooring Project

Calculate the cost of your next flooring project. Just input your floor dimensions and get an estimated total cost

Calculator ▶

How To Install Your Interlocking Floor Tiles

How To Install The MotoLock Product From Mototile

A guide to installing your floor tiles using the MotoLock or MotoMat product.

MotoLock Install Guide ▶

MotoMat Install Guide ▶