Design & Layout Planner for MotoVent Tiles

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MotoVent Tiles are often used for garage flooring, the interlock floor system can be laid on any hard, level, stable surface. They are tough enough for industrial floors and can withstands up to 70,000 lbs of rollover weight and a compressive strength of 3120 psi. The MotoVent Tiles are neat enough for Commercial, Exhibition and even Domestic floor applications. The MotoVent interlocking tile range are available in a brand new pvc flooring material.

MotoVent Tile Pattern: Self draining channels : Click and Lock joins : 18mm Thick Tiles

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How to use the MotoVent Floor Layout Planner Tool

This layout planner is for MotoVent Tiles Rib tiles designed with self draining channels. Each square on the grid represents one MotoVent tile.

To Draw

  • Choose a MotoVent floor tile colour from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on a background square on the design grid (below) to place a floor tile on that square.
  • To fill out blocks of colour quickly hold down left mouse button and drag over squares.
  • To clear the whole layout completely click on the 'Start / Restart' button.

To Make Changes

  • Choose a MotoVent floor tile colour from the drop-down menu.
  • To change tile colours just pick another colour and then click on the chosen square.
  • To erase mistakes, select the 'Erase' option and click on the chosen square(s)
  • Press and hold down left mouse button then drag over squares to erase areas quickly.
  • If an overlay effect ever appears just click somewhere outside of the floor design area and the effect will clear.

As you draw, information under the heading 'Quantities' updates showing floor dimensions and the number of tiles needed to tile that area. Each grid square represents a MotoVent tile. See also About Tile Dimensions.

Watch the view on how to use the tile layout tool. Design your own floor pattern and then make your order at the Mototile shop.