Flooring solutions for Factories, Warehouses, Workshops, Gyms, Commercial and Temporary Spaces.

Flooring Solutions for small to large spaces

industrial floor tiles for Factories, Warehouses, Workshops, Gyms, Commercial and Temporary Spaces

A cold, grey, dusty concrete floor can be a pretty unwelcome sight - add something unique to your large flooring space. The ultimate range of interlocking tiles for Factories, Warehouses, Workshops, Gyms, Commercial and Temporary Spaces.

The tiles can be laid quickly and easily on any reasonably smooth and level concrete base creating ready-for-use, dust-free, anti-skid surfaces.

Add some colour to your space

Exhibition flooring

Create floors that are resistant to abrasion, impact and the penetration of liquids including oils, solvents, etc. and that withstand heavy traffic. The Tiles will take the high compression loads found in workshops, warehouses, working garages, stores and distribution centres.

The tiles simply snap together. No nails or glue are required, which means your floor can be easily transferred if you move home. Give your flooring a fresh and modern feel.

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Industrial Floor Tile Range

MotoLock Floor Tiles

Check out MotoLock Floor Tile range

MotoLock is our versatile heavy duty interlocking floor tile.

In stock Recycled PVC Tiles, New PVC Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Sport Colour Tiles.

Price starting from £6.10 (excluding VAT)

Designed to a heavy duty industrial flooring specification for example warehouse floors with racking and fork-lift / pallet truck operations. Precision interlocking, combined with a selection of face patterns and colours, makes the tiles suitable for exhibition, retail, commercial, office and even domestic flooring uses. More information...

MotoMat Floor Tiles

Check out MotoMat Floor Tile range

MotoMat is a thick (12mm) interlocking tile manufactured in the UK from recyled PVC materials.

Designed as a budget priced, anti-fatigue, anti-vibration, insulating tile it can be used in standing water (including outdoors).

The MotoMat Tile is UK manufactured using a 100% PVC material lattice design that makes it more durable and fire resistant than foam filled tiles.

In Cointop or Diamondplate faces. Available with Black or Yellow edge ramps. More information...

Ramps / Edging Tiles

Check out Ramps, edging product range

Don't forget to buy matching or contrasting coloured ramps for the floor side facing your entrance or openning, they protect the tile edge as well as creating a perfect finish.

To make a perfect job as neat as possible we can also supply Tile Skirts that sit above the cut edge and are fastened via screws or nails to the garage wall.

The Interlocking Ramps are colour matched or contrasted to your chosen design. Suitable for use with Motolock and MotoMat ranges. More information...

Low price to tile your next flooring project

Basic DIY skills

Tiles can be cut or shaped using basic DIY skills and standard hand tools. Once fitted they are easy to clean & maintain. Read more about installing the following Mototile Floor Tiles:


Interlocking tile and ramp colours can be mixed and matched to make up your own. Create your own layout design - plan your design and quantities using our online tools:

Economical Benefits of Interlocking Tiles:

  • Enhance Factories : Warehouses : Workshops : Gyms : Commercial : Temporary Spaces
  • Create a highlighted floor area Trade Shows : Exhibitions : Product Demos : Showrooms
  • Cheap to install with minimum down time
  • No adhesives required except (perhaps) for some ramps
  • No special etching, preparation, curing or finishing needed
  • Inexpensive cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy replacement of damaged tiles
  • Under-tile air circulation allows moisture evaporation
  • Budget priced recycled PVC versions available

Environmental Benefits of Interlocking Tiles:

  • Reduces transmission of heat, noise and vibration
  • No harmful chemicals required to install or maintain the floor
  • Can be readily recycled
  • Durable Tiles resist abrasion, impacts and chemicals
  • Designed to take forklifts and similar heavy loads
  • Interlock design resists liquid penetration
  • Solid up tp 12mm thick tile (plus another 2mm for the tread pattern)


  • Easily create colour coded walkways, drop zones etc.
  • Replace damaged tiles
  • Re-arrange floor layouts
  • Re-lay entire floors with our interlocking tiles
  • So easy to install with minimum of fuss and effort

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