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Recycled PVC
Interlocking Floor Tiles

Grey Recycled Interlocking Floor Tile.



Recycled PVC Material Tiles

Stretch your budget. Get all the design features of the new PVC interlocking tiles, but at a lower price, with recycled material PVC tiles.

Where black or grey tiles suit the application these tiles have a lot to offer.

PVC lends itself to recycling many times over without loss of essential properties and the process uses less energy than producing new PVC.

Recycled PVC materials tiles are available in Black or Grey and Cointop or Diamondplate face pattern options only but are otherwise manufactured to the same design as the New PVC tiles.

Alternative face patterns for interlocking floor tiles.

Recycled material tiles have a matt appearance and show small colour flecks instead of the 100% solid colour of new materials. The close up image below illustrates typical recycled tile appearance.

All tiles share common dimensions and interlock design so walkways and special floor zones can be laid in new, coloured PVC and other areas, eg storeage, can be laid using recycled PVC tiles.

Interlocking Floor Tile in  dark  finish.

Grey interlocking tile manufactured from recyled PVC.

You can get material samples of both new and recycled tiles from us - just tick the boxes on the enquiry form here ...

Recycled PVC tiles have identical dimensions and use the same interlock as the new PVC tiles so New and Recycled materials tiles can be freely mixed, except for Snakeskin pattern tiles / edges (available in New PVC only).


Colour Options (New PVC)Interlocking floor tile colour options.

Tile Edging

Recycled PVC Tiles can use either Recycled PVC Edge Ramps or coloured (New PVC) Edge Ramps in Cointop or Diamondplate face patterns.

Edge tiles / ramps are essential to create a safe anti-trip edge to the floor and improve access for wheechairs, buggys, sack trucks etc.

They also reinforce and protect the floor at vehicle access points e.g. warehouse entrances.



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Practical Design.

Tiles insulate against sound, vibration and thermal loss and will handle heavy vehicle traffic and loads.

The tiles are resistant to abrasion, impact and the penetration of liquids including oils, solvents, etc. - see the Test Certification' table.

The underside 'Air Flow' design makes the tiles tolerant of under-layer moisture, prevents accumulation of water and allows the floor to breathe.

Air Flow design allows under-floor moisture to evaporate.


Floor Pattern Designer:

Try out floor patterns / designs using our floor designer app.


Fitting Tiles.

Interlocking tiles snap together quickly and to create a ready-to-use, durable floor.

No steam cleaning, degreasing, screeding or membranes needed before laying the tiles.

Eliminate problems with floor paint delamination, dust, rising cold / damp and time consuming repairs for other flooring options.

Just snap the tiles together and lay them over any reasonably smooth and level concrete underfloor.

Colour coding for walkways, drop zones etc is easily to incorportate (or change) using interlocking tiles.



Test Certificates ticked

Floor Tile EN Certifications.


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